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Download the Object Bounding Boxes

Annotations of object bounding boxes are freely available for download ( no signing-in required ). The bounding boxes are annotated and verified through Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Currently, we have bounding boxes for over 3000 popular synsets available. Please click here to obtain the list of synsets available. For each synset, there are on average 150 images with bounding boxes.

For example:

kit fox croquette
airplane frog

The image annotations are saved in XML files in PASCAL VOC format. Users can parse the annotations using the PASCAL Development Toolkit.

Remark: In the bounding box annotations, there are two fields(<width> and <height>) indicating the size of the image. The location and size of a bounding box in the annotation file are relative to this size. However, this size may not be identical to the real image size in the downloaded package. (The reason is that the size in the annotation file is the displayed size in which the image was shown to an annotator). Therefore to locate the actual pixels on the original image, you might need to rescale the bounding boxes accordingly.

How to download the bounding boxes?
  • We have not yet released the bounding boxes for all synsets. To check the list of synsets with bounding boxes, please use the API:


  • You can download all the bounding boxes available packaged in one file here