The workshop will mark the last of the ImageNet Challenge competitions, and focus on unanswered questions and directions for the future. The workshop will 1) present current results on the challenge competitions including new taster challenges, 2) review the state of the art in recognition as viewed through the lens of the object detection in images and videos, and classification competitions in the challenge. There will be a focus on 3) how this relates to the state of the art in computer vision techniques that are deployed in industry---one of the original goals of the challenge. The invited speakers will also be tasked with 4) presenting views on remaining future challenges, from cognitive vision, to robot vision, and beyond.



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Workshop Schedule

The workshop will be on Wednesday, July 26th. Following is the tentative schedule.

Poster Sessions: Recent works from winners of ILSVRC 2010-2016

Poster Sessions: Winning entries of ILSVRC 2017


Affiliated Challenge


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